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Galvanized iron wire galvanized to go through the steps manufacturers
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Galvanized wire factory is no longer a single to introduce knowledge about the wire, after all, the world's largest, to know too much, now we'll look at zinc-plating process knowledge.
In a bath containing zinc plating bath, cleaned and special pretreatment of plating as the cathode, made by coating metal anode, Poles joined with DC power supply cathode and anode, respectively. Zinc plating bath containing conductive coating metal compounds, salts, buffering agent, pH adjusting agents and additives consisting of aqueous solutions. Power, the metal ions in zinc-plated, in the presence of potential difference moved to form a coating on the cathode.
(1) the degreasing can use chemicals to oil or water-based degreasing cleaning agent for metal degreasing, reach the workpiece until the invasion by water.
(2) the pickling can be H2SO415%, thiourea 0. Or HCl20% 1%,40~60 ℃, six hexamethylene-amine 1~3g/L,20~40 ℃ for pickling. Adding corrosion inhibitor prevents the substrate and reducing the amount of hydrogen absorbed iron substrate, degreasing and pickling handled properly will result in poor plating adhesion, not zinc or zinc-plated layer fell off.

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