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Galvanized to face problems in a global and historical perspectives to look at
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From the view of monetary policy, must be aware of excess domestic overall industrial production, shortage of agricultural supply structures. PPI (producer price indices, CPI (CPI scissors, fork, so tighter monetary control dilemma – deflation, relaxation is stagflation. However "maintain prudent monetary policy" does not mean inaction, in the face of decline in the money multiplier and reduce foreign exchange properly cut lending rates, lowering the deposit reserve rate and number of other tools or will be used more frequently. In addition, to Wenzhou, Lishui, represented by financial reform accelerated development micro-credit companies, rural banks, community banks, dredge for the civil economy "capillary" and reduce civil interest, resolve the usurious risk, help to promote urbanization and activation energy of SMEs.
With the long-term growth potential of our economy decline, ROI is difficult to cover the costs, led to the current enterprise leverage, Bank lending difficult phenomenon. Loans which are used as a gauge of business investment in April plunged 46%. Is in sharp contrast with it, holding the funds banks and big companies have nowhere to go, driving down bond yields not only directly and for spreads and poor yield index are also abnormal, and just in Europe and America.
In terms of fiscal policy, the Central Government has clearly continued to implement a more proactive fiscal policy. There are a number of points of concern: first, the structural tax reductions, such as Shanghai ongoing sales tax expansion pilot, development of the service sector and employment. Second, the use of financial subsidies to promote consumption of energy-saving products and increasing consumer pull effect on economic growth. Third, direct investment in rural and Western regions by funding infrastructure, education, health, information technology and other areas, improve people's livelihood and cultivation areas with weak hematopoiesis function.

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