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Resolve galvanized fails the most correct method
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Solid particles in the bath if parts rough at the edges and tips of the more serious, current density may be too much; if you are good for zinc coating, but light in 3% nitrate coating on the shadows, passivation film occurs when Tan may be galvanized with dissimilar metals such as copper or lead impurities in the liquid.
Check the temperature and current density, and through the plating solution analysis, determination and adjustment of zinc and sodium hydroxide content in plating, DPE level is not too low, you can understand through the hull cell tests. If coating roughness due to none of the above reasons, it may be caused by impurities in the bath, you can take a small amount of plating, filter do I test, then take a small amount of plating experiments after treatment with zinc dust, check whether the fault is a solid particle or dissimilar metals caused by impurities such as copper, lead, and item-by-item test, the cause of the failure is not difficult to find.
Oil coating blistering caused by incomplete or excessive corrosion. But this class plated liquid easy sparkling of main causes is organic additives in coating Crystal surface Shang of adsorption, makes original Crystal or some Crystal surface cannot normal growth, led to appeared new Crystal nuclear or some Crystal surface of deformity development; or is organic additives in coating in the of clip attached, hinder has lattice of normal arranged, caused lattice distortion, thus increases has coating of within stress, led to coating sparkling.

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