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Galvanized iron wire safe working methods
Publisher:admin Time:2015-03-13 15:15:12 Read:451 【Size:Large Middle Small

When using galvanized iron wire equipment, staff of its safety procedures, methods must have a detailed understanding, so as to effectively ensure their health and safety.
Galvanized iron wire equipment operation:
1, a ban on direct contact with human skin Ph.
2, clear work site and tools of all prejudice and stacking objects on the device.
3, handling, wire and other items, push play is strictly prohibited.
4, mist more than targets set by the State, should take immediate measures to combat, not to produce.
5, take-up and operation should pay attention to safety, others without consent of the monitor, the car operation. Coil should be placed carefully, stacking more secure, tidy, no higher than 5.
6, the pickling wire slowly into the cylinder to prevent splashing acid on the body. When adding acid in the acid slowly into the water must be prohibited pour water into acid, to prevent acid spills hurts. Protective glasses should be worn when working.
Above is galvanized iron wire when the device is in use by a number of specific operational procedures, staff hope to help.

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